3-D X-Rays

The BEST State-of-the-Art Technology and the revolutionary new 3D X-Ray machine by Sirona.

This new 3D X-Ray machine will provide fast, accurate panoramic views of routine dental exams to dental implants. With a perfectly designed 3D cylinder volume of 8 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height and a standard resolution of 160 µm, ORTHOPHOS XG 3D is precisely tailored to the everyday routines of private practices: it can capture the patient’s whole jaw in a single span. The field of view is large enough to avoid the stitching of several 3D X-Ray images and thus multiple exposures to radiation. Yet it is also small enough to be a time-saver in diagnosis.


Whenever you need to see more, the 3D module provides for greater safety. In all standard cases, the 2D module of ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, with extensive panoramic and cephalometric x-ray programs, delivers the x-ray image you need.

  • Striking image quality with ASTRA (2D), MARS (3D) and High-Definition mode
  • Two scan volumes for dose reduction and time-efficient diagnostics
  • High resolution (160/100 µm)
  • Simple unit operation for 2D and 3D scans with automatic switching sensor
  • Automatic patient positioning for correct panoramic scans
  • Two scan volumes
  • See everything – the time-efficient approach to diagnostics

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